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About Us

A simple idea taking the web by storm. It started as a ripple from a pebble tossed into a lake, and has become an oceans wave crashing on Hawaii’s North shore…. WHEELBIDZ.COM

Someone dear to me was scammed out of thousands of dollars after responding to a craigslist ad in early 2009. I have always known about the risks of doing business on sites like these, but unfortunately my family member was not and I was unable to save them. While attempting to help my family member recover money, I read blog after blog of so many people that were victims of similar outcomes, and like my family member were unable to recover any defrauded funds.

Wheelbidz.com has developed a unique experience for both the buyer and seller with as many safeguards as possible to create a comfortable experience for both.

With wheelbidz.com the buyer and seller are required to register with a credit card on our site prior to listing a vehicle, bidding on a vehicle, or getting information on the vehicle in order to take it for a test drive. This is important for 2 reasons. The credit card must match a billing address and provides the other party that a real individual does in fact exist on the other end, and just as importantly, this tracks who has been given information about the seller to provide the seller with a piece of mind when meeting a stranger for a test drive.

Founded in 2011 and with your help, wheelbidz.com is positioning itself to be the fastest growing auto buying site on the web.

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